Top Withens, Haworth, Yorkshire

Top Withens, Haworth, Yorkshire

Top Withens, Haworth, Yorkshire

Top Withens, near Haworth, has been linked to the classic novelWuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (1847). It is not the building itself, but its situation on the moors which may have inspired the author. The ruins, much visited although remote, have been recently restored.

This bleak but beautiful location, miles from the nearest cafe, shop or public convenience, was continually populated by walkers of all ages during the hour and a half I spent there. This shot was taken during a brief moment when none were actually in view, they were either inside the ruins or round the other side or just out of shot.

Wuthering Heights, the romance of Catherine and Heathcliff, has spawned Hollywood blockbuster films and a hit pop song (Kate Bush, 1979), as well as radio and TV productions, three operas, a musical, a ballet and a game. Emily Bronte was one of the famous three Bronte Sisters who lived in Haworth, about 3 and a half miles away. Another sister, Charlotte, wrote the classic Jane Eyre (1847).

I have actually read the complete works of Emily Bronte. They consist of the single novel, Wuthering Heights. 🙂

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