Clouds on TV

Clouds over Bradford
This photo was shown last night on regional TV, ‘Look North’. Described by Paul Hudson (‘Paultheweatherman’) as a ‘cumulonimbus cloud’ and ‘a very big cloud’.   Cumulonimbus clouds often precede storms.  This one came between two of the intense downpours which have uncharacteristically swept Britain in recent weeks and months, causing flash floods.  People’s homes have been badly damaged, rendered inhabitable for a while, there have been accidents and even deaths.  Freak weather affects many parts of the world from time to time, but climate scientists have warned that, with global warming unchecked, their frequency will increase as time goes by.

The frequently changing weather provides lots of opportunities for photographs.  The cloudscape was not my reason for climbing the hill behind my house to Denholme Edge.  I went to take yet another photo of Hewenden Viaduct. I’d been waiting a long time for these conditions: late sunlight on the viaduct’s southern face, no wind so that the reservoir’s surface would have no ripples and would reflect the viaduct, an interesting sky above the horizon, with some blue reflected in the water. Never had all these at once before. The clouds being so dramatic was a bonus.

Viaduct and Clouds
Here are some earlier shots of the Viaduct from the same viewpoint.  You can see how the conditions have all been right before – but never all at once!