My photos appear in an international brochure!

International company Streetlife commissioned me to take photos of their ‘street furniture’ products in the London 2012 Olympic Park.  Streetlife won the bid to supply the London 2012 Olympics, and in fact developed a new product – the ‘Olympic Wave’ bench – especially for the event, designing it in partnership with the landscape architects of the Olympic Parklands, LDA Design London.  They bought 7 of my photos taken in the parklands, and used 3 of them for their 2013 -14 brochure, including one as the front cover picture –

page1Three more photos of mine appear inside on pages 2-3 (of the 24-page brochure) –

pages2-3(Click to enlarge.)

Here are the 3 original photos –


bench with stadium


bench with ‘The Orbit’


And here are the other 4 they bought, which hopefully I may see used in the future –


‘seat-top’ benches overlooking the River Lee


‘Olympic Wave’ bench designed especially for London 2012.

r_0454 r_0477

My intentions with the photos were to show the benches along with iconic features of the Parklands (such as the stadium) and with people using the benches or walking nearby.

The complete brochure can be seen here.


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