Tour de France in Yorkshire, 2014

The weather was fine, and Yorkshire turned out by the million to line just about every part of the route of the Grand Depart – Yorkshire’s hosting of the start of the Tour de France for 2014.

Waiting for the cyclists

After a short trip on a special bus service, I joined crowds in Oxenhope, in ‘Bronte Country’. Although it was miles from the nearest Spectator Hub in Haworth, there were plenty of people lining the roads. The atmosphere was electric, everyone was friendly and excited. I was lucky to find a good vantage point on a steep hill where I hoped I my view of the road would remain unobstructed , which thankfully it did.

lead cyclists

The cyclists were expected soon after one o’clock and as the time approached we could see 5 helicopters circling not far away. They then seemed to disappear but soon a car came through announcing that the cyclists were just a few minutes away.

lead cyclists

A group of 7 breakaway riders came through first, to huge applause. David de la Cruz (on left) and Bart de Clercq (on right) were the cyclists at the front.

start of the peloton

Soon afterwards the peloton flowed through like a swollen river, to even more applause.

the peloton

The event was soon over but everyone was delighted.


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