‘Fields of Vision’


The sun sets on the Grand Depart, in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

The Tour de France began in Yorkshire this year. There was huge anticipation and excitement and, as is now well known, the venture was a huge success for Yorkshire.

One of the things fuelling the anticipation of the event, was the presence of huge works of art adorning the landscape, known as the ‘fields of vision’. Another was the decoration of the route with yellow painted bikes and T-shirt bunting and other symbols of cycling.

Seen here are a few of the artworks in West Yorkshire in the Keighley-Haworth-Oxenhope part of the route.




Here is a huge canvas which appeared in Haworth mainstreet shortly before the Grand Depart. The artwork is by Vic Buta.


Here are some of the bikes that could be seen along the route, including street art by ‘Stewy’ which shows Yorkshire artist David Hockney on a bike, drawn (with permission) on the side of a pub on the route.


One of the earliest symbols to appear on the landscape was a very large white bicycle surrounded by huge numbers saying 2014. This was very encouraging. As the months went by, huge letters also began to appear such as in the pictures below. The first slogan I saw said ‘Eat Pies’. Actually I was horrified to see this, thinking it trivialised the event and the training and prepartion of the cyclists. I was glad to hear that the slogans were going to vary over time, but was disappointed to see that the next one said ‘Drink Beer’. When I calmed down a bit, I realised these would probably seem very funny to the cyclists taking part. Anyway, I was still glad to see more positive slogans appear as the time for the Grand Depart approached.

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(My previous post is about the Grand Depart itself.)



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