Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman at Oxenhope StationThe famous Flying Scotsman steam engine has been running in West Yorkshire. 3859FlyingScotsman_bwThe iconic locomotive has returned to the Settle-Carlisle line to mark the re-opening of the line, after major restoration work which has taken over a year. As well as travelling through the Yorkshire Dales, crossing the well-known Ribblehead viaduct, the train has also traveled as far south as Keighley, Haworth and Oxenhope.3856FlyingScotsman_bw

I came to Oxenhope, which is only walking distance from my home, to photograph it. 3843FlyingScotsmanCrowds came to see it and travel on it, with tickets soon selling out.3828FlyingScotsman

Part of the Settle-Carlisle line was closed in February 2016 after heavy rain caused a landslide onto the track. The line was not only restored but re-enforced against future damage should subsidence re-occur.3848FlyingScotsman The Flying Scotsman is currently on loan from the National Rail Museum at York.3847FlyingScotsman3830FlyingScotsman3825FlyingScotsman3856FlyingScotsman  3859FlyingScotsman


4 thoughts on “Flying Scotsman

  1. Great images Steve! You did well to get so close. Have tickets to go on it tomorrow, expecting it to be a bit chaotic!

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