About Steve Swis


Steve Swis

Getty Images contributor

Hi, I’m Steve Swis ….. I’m not asleep, just squinting in the Aegean sunshine.

Welcome to my combined website-and-blog.

I love to travel to beautiful locations, from Yorkshire to the Greek islands. Photography is fascinating and enthralling, but it’s the world that’s beautiful and I just try to click and capture something worthwhile.

Photographing landscapes is inspiring, challenging, motivating, stimulating, educational… Learning more about it drives me on.

I hope you find some photos you like here, and I’d love to hear any comments you have….

If a photo makes you feel as if you’re there… or as if you want to be… then I’ve done a good job…

I’m aiming to write new posts for the blog every week or two.  If you find the latest post is dated a few years ago, you’ll know I’ve failed miserably and should have taken the whole thing down.  Why not look at the blog page and see…?  🙂

If you would like to buy a print of any image, please let me know via the contact page .